Local Veteran’s Find Each Other in the Ohio Valley After 50 Years


 Veteran’s Day is this week and we have the amazing story of two men who worked in the same place in Germany, had the same job, knew the same people, but didn’t run into each other until 50 years later.

“I relieved him in Germany, but I never met him,” said Air Force Veteran John M. Sall Jr. “The guy said, ‘there’s a guy by the same of Clarence Wayte from your part of the country,’ I said, ‘oh OK.'”

Never did they think they would run into each other 50 years later East Ohio Regional Hospital.

“So I walked behind him and blurted out our call sign, AJS, in international Morse code is de da dad ditty da did…” said Sall.  “And he turned around and said, “where in the hell did you hear that at?!””

They had learned it in the same place.

“It was a surprise. Really it was. We were both Morse code radio operators and I had been in Germany and France and around for 26 months,” said Clarence Wayte.

From 1950 to 1952, and then, that’s when John took over. Clarence was there right after the Berlin Air Lift ordered by President Harry Truman and John during the initial years of the Cold War.  They had never met, but John knew the name of the man who he had taken over for, and he couldn’t believe it when he heard someone say it in 2001 while they were both at the hospital.

“We’ve both been here about 15 years doing this exercise program and we both have heart trouble,” said Wayte. “I don’t know whether you attribute that to Germany or not.”

The 85-year-olds have some of the best stories you’ll ever hear about post WWII Europe.

“Anytime Eisenhower would fly from Paris, Orly Field to any place,” said Wayte. “When he was in the air, I had to be in the radio room to work with his radio operator.”

Stories, and some great insight on modern events.

“They talk about this email classified stuff now a days with Hillary. That’s nothin’! That wasn’t top secret. We sent classified information on the radio all the time and Russia was copying it all,” Sall joked.

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