When people want to break the cycle of addiction, they are afraid to face the severe symptoms of withdrawal and they don’t want people to know they’re in rehab.

A new service unveiled at Reynolds Memorial Hospital Thursday takes care of both those issues.

“BreakThru” Substance Abuse Withdrawal Service is unique in the tri-state area.

This is a place for people who have decided to take the first step toward breaking the cycle of addiction.

The patient is in a regular room on the medical floor, with complete confidentiality. Their average stay is about three days. While they are there, they are monitored, given medication to ease their symptoms, and their body gets a chance to rest and get clean.

“Our very first patients who was admitted to the program was a 30-year-old mother who had suffered with a heroin addiction. Unfortunately she had lost both of her kids. And on the day of discharge, she looked at me and smiled and said thank you, I’m gonna get my kids back,” said Reynolds Memorial Hospital CEO, Dr. David Hess.

“So this is so exciting that this is the missing component, the missing piece of the puzzle is finally here. You know we have law enforcement, we have the drug courts and now treatment,” said Retired Marshall County Sheriff, John Gruzinskas.

After they get out, they transition to in-patient or out-patient treatment. Northwood Health Systems is a partner in the project. So is the Drug Free Club at John Marshall High School, working on preventing addictions.

BreakThru is covered by most health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and if not, they have a grant from the Schenk Foundation.

For more information, call (855) 341-9999.