In September WTRF was in Columbus, Ohio as Governor John Kasich announced details on a proposed ethane cracker plant that could breathe new life into not only Belmont County, but the entire Ohio Valley.

Governor John Kasich said in September, “it can be done and this is my first priority. I’m fully engaged here as well.”

On Thursday night at Belmont College, an update from the man spear heading the multi-billion dollar project, but there is one aspect of the proposal that is being asked more than most, jobs.

Paul Wojciechowski, Project Director of PTT Global told 7News, “the workers will come from the immediate area and there will be a lot of them, a lot of workers and a lot of jobs. We’re still some years from getting this job up to that stage where we’re hiring people. We’re in a grey zone now called – front end engineer and design. We’re trying to bring together a number of things, like the engineering, the cost estimate, the schedule, all of those things.”

In addition to updating the many in attendance, there were also other companies on hand showing off what they do in the natural gas industry.

Although it may still be years before its expected to be finished, the anticipation and optimism continues to grow.

In the meantime there are some things local workers can do right now to prepare for a position.

“There are some resources that can be exploited by local people, like going to Belmont College or to other institutions where they can obtain the necessary technical background that could fit right in to this type of facility,” said Wojciechowski.

Another main topic was the safety and cleanliness of the plant.

Wojciechowski said developers are working closely with the Ohio E.P.A. to make sure every aspect of the plant is in accordance with current regulations.

Stay with 7News and for future updates on its development.