OSHP Warns of OVI Long-Term Consequences


During the New Year holiday weekend in 2015, nearly 30 percent of car accidents in Jefferson County were alcohol related, according to the Ohio State Highway patrol, and nearly every holiday weekend, 7NEWS tells you how they will be out in full force trying to find intoxicated drivers before a crash can occur.  That still stands this weekend, but an OVI could effect your future in a different way as well.

If the fear of potentially hurting or even killing yourself, your passengers, or someone else innocently driving on the roads doesn’t stop you from drinking and driving this weekend, maybe think about it as a number’s game.   Many people  don’t take into account how much an OVI is going to cost in the long term.

“You look at it at first and say it’s just a fine and maybe a little bit of a suspension, but when you look at long term down the road, you’re talking, getting your license back,  so you have to pay a reinstatement fee. Your insurance is probably going to double. Its just so many things that your don’t take into account,” said Lt. Joseph Fetty with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  

If you’re headed to a bigger city this weekend, there are likely going to be surcharges on ride-service companies such as Uber.   Statics show that your average ride costs between $10 to $13, so even if you see surcharges of three to four times the normal amount, you’re still only talking $30 to $40– split among friends, it’s a no brainer.

“You’re talking thousands of dollars worth of fines compared to a $100 hotel room and using the shuttle service from a hotel or calling a taxi cab or something like that,” Lt. Fetty added.

If you’re staying in the Ohio Valley this weekend, the car-service systems are not available, but that’s still no excuse to put lives at risk.

“In a more rural area like we’re in, we don’t  have a whole lot of options for that, and a lot of the time people don’t plan ahead, and they don’t designate that driver, and we’re asking this holiday season to please designate that driver,” said Lt. Fetty.

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