The goal is a four lane highway stretching from north central West Virginia up to the Ohio Valley.

On Tuesday the Route 2 – Interstate 68 Authority spoke to Hancock county officials about the possibility of connecting the two roadways and expanding Route 2 into four lanes.

Safety concerns stemming from amount of oil & gas industry traffic throughout the state indicate the need for a four lane highway from central West Virginia to the Northern Panhandle.

Executive Director Charles Clements says they’ve been working on this project since 1997 and they’re now starting to pick up steam by reaching out to elected officials throughout West Virginia in hopes of getting them on board, too.

Clements’ goal is to extend Interstate 68 in North Central West Virginia to the Ohio Valley and that would require expanding the roads to four lane highways.

“It seems like every 10th or 11th vehicle had some type of wide load on it and it becomes dangerous not only to the general public but also to school buses and people like that trying to traverse this highway,” added Clements.