It’s a Mountain State Landmark and it’s tucked away in a remote part of the State. Thanks to the efforts of a local organization, more people can appreciate the impressive site.

A Sycamore located in Viola, West Virginia has the distinction of being the biggest tree in the State. It all stated with West Virginia‘s Centennial Celebration in 1963 the Division of Forestry held a big tree contest. Over 200 nominations representing 37 species were submitted Slim Lehart’s family farm is located nearby. He has always been well aware of the tree.

“I used to go up and down this way riding a horse, getting water, putting up hay across the creek.  When I would get to this tree I’d always make the horse run because I was afraid it would fall on me. Anyway, the fellas in the Forestry Division was here a couple of weeks ago and they estimated it was about 300 to 400 years old,” said Lehart.

The tree is an impressive site. It has a 311-inch circumference with a 128 foot spread. It stands 117 feet tall.

“We think it’s nice to have it here in a remote part of Marshall County. We don’t get much going on out here. This tree has been here a long time and nobody really knew it was the biggest tree in West Virginia,” said Lehart.

In an effort to make people aware of the location Members of the Concerned Citizens Association of Marshall County recently had the area round the tree cleared. They also posted a sign with a facts about the tree and have already noticed several people stopping for pictures.