The students at Sikora Montessori in Elm Grove were collecting bottled water to send to children in Flint, Michigan.   

It all started when Maddie Kirchner’s mom came up with the idea of collecting bottled water.

“She wanted to help people,” said little Maddie.

“She came to us, bringing awareness to us of the crisis in Flint Michigan,” said school director Paula Hartman Sikora.

Students’ families are bringing cases of water to the school and everyone in the community is urged to stop by and drop off water or a monetary donation.

Budget Saver in Wheeling, maker of Twin Pops, has donated a truck and a driver to take the water to Flint Michigan at 5:00 p.m. Friday. The truck can hold 26 pallets, with 78 cases to a pallet, and Sleddco is selling them the cases of water at cost.

It all fits in with the school’s philosophy.

“We want to instill a sense of responsibility, so they leave the world a better place than they found it,” said Hartman Sikora.

“We really want to instill a value of community in our students. To help people that need help, anywhere that might be,” said kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Hughes.

Sikora Montessori is located at 2108 Lumber Avenue in Elm Grove. The student’s mission is to fill the truck. They’d love to see you walk in with a case of water. You can also call the school at (304) 905-8453 to donate by phone.