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SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito Returns to her Ohio Valley Roots


Glen Dale, West Virginia is a small close knit community, like most others here in the Ohio Valley, and one that a few celebrities like Brad Paisley and Lady Gaga have personal ties, but so does the most powerful woman in the state; U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito.

The Senator made a special stop in the Ohio Valley to take a walk down memory lane and revisit her roots in Marshall County.

“I went to Glen Dale Elementary School so, we could have a future senator here in the room. How about that?,” This is how the U.S. Senator spent some of her time away from her busy duties in our Nation’s Capitol reconnecting with her roots right here in our area, talking with some of the students at the elementary school she attended as a child.

“Things that you explored as a child sort of comes back to you and it’s a familiar feeling, but it’s a great feeling and  it’s something that never leaves you,” This is how the Senator recalls coming back to the area she still considers home. Born in Glen Dale, she spent most of her childhood years playing in this community; that some 1500 people call home. Some of those people include family that have never left the area. 

This is where she talks about the first time she exercised her civic duties, far before her political career, “The first time I voted was in this gym,” she recollects about the facilities of her former elementary school.

During her time in her hometown, Senator Capito made a stop at DiCarlo’s Pizza in Glen Dale. After all, what’s a trip home without a slice of an Ohio Valley favorite.

Though her job working to represent the great people of the Mountain State requires a lot of time and focus, she relishes in the opportunity to come back to her Marshall County roots and visit the home she grew up in and reflect on the time she has spent here, “We were so free to just roam, it was so safe and so my mother would just open the door, you know, on a Summer day and we’d come back in time for dinner; practically, and that’s what I love about this area, it’s just so friendly.”

Some of her fondest memories consist of making stops at the park, “We used to just adventure all around Glen Dale and we would come down here, obviously to go swimming, a beautiful swimming pool, play on the playground, have family picnics down here.”

Now being gone from the area for a number of years she truly appreciates the area she proudly calls home and said it was a sweet time to grow up with her siblings, mother, and former three term governor father; “When I come home, I just feel like it was special time for us and maybe didn’t realize it at the time, but I can see it more clearly now that I’m a little bit further, away from it.”

It’s evident from her enthusiasm;  just like politics, hometown pride and Ohio Valley heritage flow strongly through the veins of West Virginia’s most powerful woman.

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