One school in Jefferson County celebrated Halloween a little differently this year.

They still dressed up, but instead of going on the hunt for candy, they spent their time with special needs students. There were costumes, candy, crafts and tons of decorations at the School as Promise on Tuesday.

The best part of the Halloween Party was the friendships that were formed and school officials said that’s what the day was all about. Pugliese West and the School of Bright Promise were starting a new Friendship Project collaboration to help build acceptance of others. 

On Tuesday they kicked it off with a Halloween costume party where students dressed up and walked around the school together for some yummy treats. They also had the chance to work on crafts, talk with each other, and to play.

Intervention Specialist Amber Scott said her favorite part of the day was watching students smile. She also loved getting the chance to see kids who are different from each other come together as one, “I love these kids like they’re my own and it’s great with Pugliese coming in because they’re hugging all the kids, talking to them, bringing their toys, and it’s just like a friendship. You’d never know that we were two different environments or two different schools,” said Scott.

Students at Pugliese West were inspired after reading a book called “Wonder”, which is all about learning to work with people who are different than you and to help students learn this important lesson, the two schools will be getting together once a month for the rest of the school year.