Ask just about anyone who has taken a tour through the Wells Township Haunted and they’ll most likely tell you it’s a terrifying experience they won’t soon forget.  

What a lot of people don’t know is the building itself is actually believed to be haunted. 

One thing is for sure you can always expect the unexpected at the Wells Township Haunted House. There are twenty-eight rooms each one with a different theme. Guides take you on an interactive tour that’s bound to put a scare into just about everyone, ” I think my favorite is the tough guys who are like nothing is going to scare me. And they are the 1st ones out the door,” said tour guide, Taylor Norman.

The tour includes a Vortex tunnel, as well as a laser swamp room and a zombie challenge maze, A couple week ago I was taking a tour through one of our rooms and there is a room…there is a scare that happens in the next room. There are really steep steps so we always make sure they see the scare, we warn them about the steps,” Norman added.

“Well my tour decided not to wait for the warning and when the scare happened I fell on the steps. Instead of helping me up they just trampled over me. And ran into the next room because they were scared. I just kind of laid there and was like ‘ok they got this’. It was very bad but it was hilarious,” said Haunted House goer, Susie Rudolph.

Like many others, Rudolph is afraid of, “The clowns, there were more than last year one had a really big head. I’m terrified of clowns,” Rudolph added.

“It was pretty good I got scared a few time especially when the clown came out. That’s when my heart dropped,” said Haylee Swiger of Wellsburg.

“What are you afraid of. That dude with the chainsaw that keeps coming out. I can’t do chainsaws,” said Adariana Rollyson of Weirton.

One thing that adds to the scare is the fact that the building is believed to be haunted. Not hard to believe considering its history. It was built back in the 1800’s and bodies of soldiers from the Civil War were actually stored there before being transported by barges, ” So one year me and my husband, my best friend and her fiance were all in the building in the off-season and my best friend and I went up the stairs following my husband and when we got there my husband was not upstairs anywhere Next thing we know my husband comes upstairs behind us. We had followed someone up the stairs. That was not my husband And we were the only ones in the house,” said tour guide, Brittany Mitchell. 

That’s just one of many strange stories that surrounds one of the top haunted attraction in Ohio

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