Drivers are gnashing their teeth.

A trip from downtown Wheeling to Wheeling Island that normally takes 5 minutes, is now taking 25, in prime evening drive time.

Murphy’s Law is firmly in place here. Everything that could happen, did… and all at the same time.

“We’re experiencing a number of crashes and just a lot of frustrated drivers,” said Chief Deputy, Martin Kimball.

The good news is the Wheeling Suspension Bridge is repaired and reopened, after being hit by a pickup truck Tuesday night.

The bad news is two other projects causing the delays are long term. The I-70 lighting project, just west of the tunnel, will last thru early December, and the Marion Street Bridge replacement in Bridgeport, will last until Spring.

Deputy Chief Marty Kimball urges drivers to keep a full gas tank and a calm attitude.

He says delays like this are a daily reality in cities. With patience and tolerance, we can get thru this.