Tumor Surgery Proves Successful for Cody the Dog


On Wednesday, we got our first glimpse of Cody the dog since his surgery.

The large tumor on the dog’s head and neck was removed on Tuesday, free of charge, by Veterinarian Karl Yurko of KEY Animal Hospital.

“We wanted to do it for him,” said Dr. Yurko.

Biopsy results are expected in a few days. But Dr. Karl Yurko believes Cody had a squamous cell carcinoma.

“It’s a skin tumor that’s common in dogs that are white. Sometimes it can come from being out in the sun. We see squamous cell carcinoma happening in people a lot. Fairer skinned people that are out in the sun a lot,” Dr. Yurko said.

The surgery took about an hour.

“It actually wasn’t too bad of a surgery. You know we just had to tie off some vessels that were going to the tumor and everything and then really it just peeled off very nicely,” said Payton Mann, OSU Vet Student.

Dr. Yurko followed 7News’ coverage of Cody’s story, from the moment the dog was found, tied to an abandoned trailer.

“It’s not fair. So he had to be getting some sort of food and water but it was just not good enough,” Dr. Yurko said.

Justin Goundry, who created the GoFundMe Account for Cody’s care, said people donated 2005 dollars in five days.

“They got on GoFundMe and they donated anywhere from f$5 up to $900,” Goundry said.

Cody is the darling of the animal hospital, slowly getting socialized.

“He’s a little cautious of people, you know, being outside alone for a long time like that. But he’s just trying to figure out his social cues, just trying to figure out people,” Mann said.

“He has not shown aggression at all. He’s given Brandy kisses, and is intelligent,” said Dr. Yurko.

For now, he’s got a place to stay and recover.

“He gets a lot of handling and hands-on, a lot of love and uh we’re gonna advocate that he can hang out here for as long as he needs to,” said Dr. Yurko.

Although the dog warden took Cody away from his owners, they still technically own him.

But already, people have called the animal hospital, offering to adopt Cody.

We’ll keep you informed.

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