Twins Have Wheeling Park Homecoming Court “Seeing Double”


It’s not everyday you hear of two sets of twins on one homecoming court, but these twins say there’s no better way to finish out their journey in school together.

Twins Jarrett and Jub Delbrugge say they’re inseparable, from the baseball diamond, to their high school classes.

“We have every class of the day together,” said Jarrett.

“We don’t go a single day without seeing each other, it’s been a long time since we haven’t seen each other,” said Jub.

Identical twins Kelly and Allee McCardle say people think they’re exactly the same but they’re a little different.

“We’re definitely best friends, we do literally everything together even though we don’t always want to. Like if she gets up,” said Kelly.

“In front of class to do a presentation or something I’m nervous for her or something like that,” said Allee.

Now each set of twins says they’re happy to share one more thing in life spots on the homecoming court.

“I got a text that I was on it, and I almost fell over, because I was definitely not expecting that, I thought he would definitely be on it but I didn’t think I would,” said Jub.

“They did it in alphabetical order so I heard her name first and I was like ok all at once, yay for her, and then I was like, I better get on,” said Kelly.

The four of them laughed as they told me what would have happened if only one got on.

“Not with him, I think I’d feel a little bad,” said Jarrett.

“If I was on it and he wasn’t on it, then there might be a little bit of issue there,” said Jub.

“I was relieved that we were both on, because there have been lots of things like the speech team and the fall play and governors school that one of us has gotten it and the other one hasn’t and really it’s gone back and forth the whole time, so really, it should’ve been by turn not to get something but we both got on,” said Allee.

During next week’s homecoming, the Delbrugge’s and McCardle’s say it will be an experience they won’t forget and wouldn’t want to share with anyone else.

“It was so funny the other day, Allee was like ‘I just have this weird feeling I’m going to pull the rose’ and I was like ‘hmm, me too.’ But either way, I already feel like a winner so to speak,” said Kelly.

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