VIDEO: Waterspouts Are More Common Than We Think


They’re invisible until they turn up debris and we aren’t exactly sure what we’re looking for, but Meteorologist Brian Davis says waterspouts are more common than we think.

“I’ve seen them since being in the Ohio Valley. They’re nothing more than whirlwinds, the smaller ones, are actually just whirlwinds that form, even on sunny days,” Brian said.

People call them dust devils.

Brian says he has seen them in parking lots in St. Clairsville, but the one that everyone’s talking about picked up three children in a bounce house in Florida.

“But they can definitely carry 50-60 mile per hour winds which is more than enough to pick up one of these inflatable bouncy systems or a tent or any other lightweight object.”

For some reason, people love to see a waterspout. Our first reaction is to watch, and to take cell phone video. Brian says if it’s a small swirl of leaves, that’s one thing, but if it’s a large column of swirling debris…..

“The safe thing to do is to try to avoid these things and go to a safe place. Never try to go toward them.”

The smaller kind is a dust devil or whirlwind.

The larger and more dangerous kind is basically a tornado that touches down into water.

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