On Tuesday, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the Obama administration’s effort to regulate emissions from coal-fired plants. 

West Virginia Senator Shelly Moore Capito told 7News she is thrilled that the Supreme Court agreed that before drastic changes, it should be determined if the plan is even constitutional.

Senator Capito said she thinks this will help “stop the bleeding” in the coal industry for a short time.  

“This is a gleam of light here. This is an indication that our arguments are getting through. That the economic devastation that we’re seeing now that will be multiplied into the future with the clean power plan the supreme court is saying, ‘woah.’ Let’s wait and look and see if this is legal, which I don’t believe it is, for the President to move in such a huge measure,” said Senator Capito.

Capito added that this is good news for now, but thinks we will have to wait and see what happens next.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey also applauded the decision.

There has been opposition from groups like the Sierra Club though.

“Whatever happens with the clean power plan we need to take that opportunity to transition away from coal as a primary energy source into renewables and into energy efficiency and the related jobs that come with that,” said Bill Price of the Sierra Club.

The White House issued a statement saying it will keep on working to move forward with the clean power plan. 

The case is likely to revisit the Supreme Court after it is challenged by 29 different states and big coal corporations.

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