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Wheeling Police patrolling size of vehicles on Suspension Bridge


You could be violating the Suspension Bridge’s weight limit, and not even know it.

Right now — Wheeling Police Department is focusing on excessively overweight vehicles that could cause damage to the bridge.

So, does your car make the cut?

When you think of two tons, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t your own vehicle. If it weighs 4,000 pounds, that’s equal to two tons, and that exceeds the weight limit on the Suspension Bridge.

Unfortunately, some have found out the hard way by receiving citations.

As a result from complaints from residents on Wheeling Island, several officers have been patrolling the size of vehicles going over the suspension bridge.

Don’t panic just yet. Police are looking for excessively over-sized vehicles.

Police Chief Shawn Schertfeger told WTRF that “Our officers are looking at vehicles that are grossly overweight. For example: a smaller pickup truck is roughly 3, 4, 500 pounds over the 4,000 pound weight limit in curb weight, whereas a larger pickup truck, particularly one towing a trailer is going to be 3- or 4,000 pounds over.”

Schertfeger says another issue that they are seeing is vehicles following too closely. He says there are markings on the bridge to show how many feet back you’re supposed to stay back from the vehicle in front of you.”

“When large crowds are coming from, say, a football game or some event on the island and traffic all using the bridge that is not abiding by the space limit — that’s more of a concern to me than the single vehicles that are possibly overweight,” Schertfeger said.

He says he knows people who have received these citations are upset, but this will potentially save the bridge from being closed forever.

Larger trucks are expected to use the Fort Henry Bridge to get to the island.

To find out how much your vehicle weighs, you can check the manual or look it up online.

Police will be looking for vehicles that are excessively overweight.

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