WV Wrestling Results Day One


 Results Thursday from the Class AAA high school wrestling tournament at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena:
Team Standings

1. Parkersburg South 35 points. 2. University 30 points. 3. Wheeling Park 20 points. 3. (tie) Hampshire 20 points. 5. Parkersburg 17.5 points. 6. Buckhannon-Upshur 16 points. 7. Huntington 15 points. 7. (tie) Ripley 15 points. 9. George Washington 14 points. 10. Greenbrier East 13 points. 11. Spring Valley 12 points. 11. (tie) Musselman 12 points. 12. (tie) Riverside 12 points. 14. Washington 10 points. 15. John Marshall 8 points. 15. (tie) Jefferson 8 points. 16. (tie) St Albans 8 points. 17. (tie) Woodrow Wilson 8 points. 19. Cabell Midland 6 points. 19. (tie) Martinsburg 6 points. 21. Brooke 5 points. 22. Morgantown 4 points. 22. (tie) Preston 4 points. 24. Hurricane. 24. (tie) Hedgesville. 25. (tie) Spring Mills. 26. (tie) Capital. 27. (tie) Princeton. 28. (tie) South Charleston. 29. (tie) No School.
Individual results; ; 106
Matthew Simpson, University, fall Cole Walker, Spring Valley, 1:21; Jacob Curry, Hampshire, fall Cameron Zobrist, Greenbrier East, 3:10; Tucker Windland, Parkersburg South, fall Cameron Lawrence, Morgantown, 4:35; Joseph Fore, George Washington, fall Zach Fitzwater, Hedgesville, 3:16; Noah Marrone, Washington, dec. Cobran Johnson, Riverside, 5-2; Londan Bowen, Huntington, dec. Ethan Gray, John Marshall, 7-2; Brandon Holt, St Albans, fall Colton White, Jefferson, 0:35; Garret Donahue, Parkersburg, fall Izaak Murphy, Wheeling Park, 5:53; ; 113
Jake Staud, University, fall Austin Conaway, George Washington, 3:24; Josh Sincalir, Ripley, maj. dec. Isaiah Daly, Jefferson, 14-4; Cayden Hoover, Greenbrier East, fall Cam Lancaster, Brooke, 0:49; Hunter Ackerman, Parkersburg tech. fall Noah Wahler, Hedgesville, 16-0; Ian Irizarry, Parkersburg South won by forfeit over No Contestant, No School; Bailey Radabaugh, Preston, fall Jaden Gamber, Princeton, 1:08; Joey Miller, Musselman, fall Alec Nida, Hurricane, 1:27; Canon Welker, Wheeling Park, fall Tyler Powell, St Albans, 3:52; ; Weight: 120; Jordan Wood, John Marshall, fall Boca Kubovcik, Musselman, 0:52; Tristan Adkins, Huntington, maj. dec. Zach Mullins, Greenbrier East, 11-2; Maison Richardson, Wheeling Park, maj. dec. Andy Felegie, Washington, 11-0; John Martin Best, Parkersburg, fall Isaiah Isabell, George Washington, 0:37; Evan King, Ripley, dec. Austin Barker, St Albans, 9-2; Jacob Simpson, University, fall Josh Hylton, Hedgesville, 1:19; Brayden Roberts, Parkersburg South, fall Nathan Armes, Riverside, 0:26; Austin McCartney, Buckhannon-Upshur, fall Raymond Buckler, Hampshire, 1:07; ; 126
Austin Love, John Marshall, dec. Taylor Hutchinson, Huntington, 7-3; Camrin Rawlings, Musselman, fall Waymon Browning, Greenbrier East, 4:53; Luke Martin, Parkersburg South, fall Tino Kayafas, Wheeling Park, 0:40; Jack Lorea, George Washington, fall Kurt Resch, Martinsburg, 0:52; Eric Dreyer, Washington, fall Jordan Meadows, Capital, 0:27; Brise Bennett, University, dec. Garrett Jordan, Cabell Midland, 6-4; Steven Slack, Riverside, fall Ryan Simpson, Jefferson, 1:21; Tyler Cutright, Buckhannon-Upshur, dec. Tyler Haskins, Ripley, 6-0; ; 132
Jacob Smithson, Buckhannon-Upshur, fall Savana Ross, Princeton, 0:19; Hunter Burdette, Ripley, fall Lane Campbell, Martinsburg, 3:17; Andre Escobedo, Greenbrier East, dec. Charles Mirandy, Wheeling Park, 8-3; Mikey Shamblin, Parkersburg South, fall Mark Church, Hedgesville, 4:26; Kaleb Creamer, Spring Valley, fall Dimitri Emswiler, Washington, 0:37; Braeden Pauley, University, fall Trevor Morris, St Albans, 0:51; Bo Moler, Parkersburg, dec. Marco Tapia, Jefferson, 7-3; Max Camilletti, Brooke, maj. dec. Caleb Click, Woodrow Wilson, 10-0; ; 138
Austin Rohrbough, University, fall Devon Heath, Hedgesville, 1:25; Alex Ware, Spring Valley, dec. Logan Evans, Greenbrier East, 4-1; Zac Odam, Hampshire, fall Dallas Summer, Buckhannon-Upshur, 1:21; Jared Donahue, Parkersburg, fall Izak Petry, Riverside, 1:49; Caleb Haynes, St Albans, dec. Daniel Long, Hurricane, 3-1; Jeremiah Timberlake, Wheeling Park, maj. dec. John Grove, Musselman, 10-2; Will Jeffers, Huntington, fall Anthony Pannell, Woodrow Wilson, 1:53; Luke Resch, Martinsburg, fall Jesse Law, Brooke, 0:48; ; 160
John Nash, Wheeling Park, fall Chris Fagga, Hampshire, 1:23; Jayvon Hall, George Washington, maj. dec. Chase Stevens, Spring Valley, 15-2; Cameron Pine, Washington, fall Zack Leach, John Marshall, 0:49; Drew Parde, Huntington, fall John Williams, Woodrow Wilson, 1:57; Michael Milam, St Albans, dec. Logan Nay, Parkersburg, 9-3; Adam Frisco, University, fall Czar Parrish, Hedgesville, 2:19; Drew Dunbar, Parkersburg South, fall Thatcher Roy (Sp), Riverside, 0:31; Nate Arndt, Musselman, dec. Gage Barnhart, Brooke, 10-6; ; ; 182
Nick Valachovic, University, fall Michael Armes, Riverside, 1:23; Chance Morgan, Ripley, fall Conor Wogan, Washington, 2:29; Jacob Thomas, Greenbrier East, maj. dec. Brandon Durrah, John Marshall, 10-1; Mason Fischer, Cabell Midland, dec. Jackson Tennant, Jefferson, 5-2; Hunter DeLong, Parkersburg South, fall Gage Abrecht, Hedgesville, 0:17; Mason Miklas, Wheeling Park, dec. Mohamed Abdelwahed, Princeton, 9-3; Richie Stanley, Hampshire, fall Braxton Cornell, Spring Valley, 1:09; Alex Shriver, Morgantown, fall Colton Wright, Woodrow Wilson, 3:06; ; 195
Austin Loew, Wheeling Park, fall Aiden Smoot, Hedgesville, 0:40; Gerald Hall, George Washington, maj. dec. Dustyn Hutchinson, Huntington, 12-4; Dustin Swishier, Hampshire, fall Austin Moore, John Marshall, 1:28; Cody Stanley, Spring Valley, dec. Ethan Asbury, Greenbrier East, 7-0; Austin Henderson, Woodrow Wilson, fall Anthony Jarvis, Ripley, 5:09; Jacob Northcraft, Musselman, dec. Landon Ellifritz, University, 3-1; Justin Allman, Parkersburg South, fall Vaughn Thacker, Princeton, 1:59; Jacob Biller, Jefferson, fall Jaron Summers, Preston, 0:37; ; 220
Alex Edgell, Brooke, dec. Damien Saunders, Hurricane, 9-3; Ben Lambert, Hampshire, fall Matthew Kincaid, George Washington, 2:18; Owen Porter, Spring Valley, fall Josh Hite, Morgantown, 1:28; Aaron Davis, Greenbrier East, fall Daniel Sherrard, Hedgesville, 1:03; Alex Liddel, Jefferson, fall James Thompson, Princeton, 0:30; Cameron Payne, Buckhannon-Upshur, dec. Daniel Fullerton, Parkersburg South, 5-1; Brice Pomeroy, Riverside, fall Dylan Collins, Musselman, 1:06; B.J. Haynes, Ripley, dec. Dylan Wood, Wheeling Park, 3-2; ; 285
Christian Boggs, Buckhannon-Upshur, fall Mark Terry, South Charleston, 1:24; Louden Haga, Parkersburg South, maj. dec. Jordan Lear, Hampshire, 15-6; Darrell Holstein, Riverside, fall Neil McKnight, Morgantown, 0:53; Brandon Moran, Martinsburg, dec. Donavon McCune, Parkersburg, 4-3; Chaston Holley, Cabell Midland, fall Tyler Smith, Hedgesville, 1:16; Nathan Simmons, John Marshall, dec. Zach Enox, Greenbrier East, 5-3; Manny Mercedes, Huntington, dec. Fabain Perrett, Musselman, 6-4; Tyree Swafford, Woodrow Wilson, fall Brycen Valentine, Preston, 1:41; .


 Results Thursday from the Class AA-A high school wrestling tournament at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena:
Team Standings

1. Independence (AA) 39.5 points. 2. East Fairmont (AA) 23.5 points. 3. Point Pleasant (AA) 20 points. 4. Braxton County (AA) 19 points. 5. Petersburg (AA) 18.5 points. 6. Oak Glen (AA) 16 points. 7. Wirt County (A) 14 points. 7. (tie) Grafton (AA) 14 points. 9. Herbert Hoover (AA) 13.5 points. 10. Keyser (AA) 12 points. 10. (tie) North Marion (AA) 12 points. 12. Clay County (AA) 11 points. 12. (tie) Roane County (AA) 11 points. 14. Winfield (AA) 10 points. 14. (tie) Bridgeport (AA) 10 points. 15. (tie) Greenbrier West (A) 10 points. 17. Berkely Springs (AA) 8 points. 17. (tie) Nitro (AA) 8 points. 18. (tie) Liberty Harrison (AA) 8 points. 20. Magnolia (A) 7 points. 21. Madonna (A) 6.5 points. 22. Fairmont Senior (AA) 6 points. 22. (tie) Sissonville (AA) 6 points. 23. (tie) Williamstown (A) 6 points. 24. (tie) Nicholas County (AA) 6 points. 25. (tie) Oak Hill (AA) 6 points. 27. Ritchie County (A) 4 points. 27. (tie) Calhoun County (A) 4 points. 28. (tie) Doddridge County (A) 4 points. 29. (tie) Bluefield (AA) 4 points. 30. (tie) Shady Spring (AA) 4 points. 32. Weir (AA) 3.5 points. 32. (tie) Lewis County (AA) 3.5 points. 34. Cameron (A) 2 points. 34. (tie) Frankfort (AA) 2 points. 35. (tie) St Marys (A) 2 points. 36. (tie) Tyler Consolidated (A) 2 points. 37. (tie) Logan (AA) 2 points. 38. (tie) Lincoln (AA) 2 points. 39. (tie) Richwood (A) 2 points. 41. Liberty Raleigh (AA) 1 points. 42. Buffalo (A). 42. (tie) Lincoln County (AA). 43. (tie) Mingo Central (AA). 44. (tie) Ravenswood (A). 45. (tie) Wahama (A). 46. (tie) Notre Dame (A). 47. (tie) Philip Barbour (AA). 48. (tie) Robert C Byrd (AA). 49. (tie) South Harrison (A). 50. (tie) Fayetteville (A). 51. (tie) Midland Trail (A). 52. (tie) Pikeview (AA). 53. (tie) Webster County (A). 54. (tie) No School. 55. (tie) points.
Individual results; ; 106
Connor Spaulding, Ritchie County (A), fall Cody Smith, Ravenswood (A), :44; Aidan Gibson, Bridgeport (AA), fall Isaiah Giordano, Herbert Hoover (AA), 2:53; Justin Cornell, Point Pleasant (AA), fall Tanner Staggs, Keyser (AA), :49; Ashby West, Oak Hill (AA), fall Nathaniel Lawson, Braxton County (AA), 1:00; Noah Hodges, Grafton (AA), fall Dalton Pettry, Liberty Raleigh (AA), 1:39; Blake Whorton, East Fairmont (AA) tech. fall Matt Smith, Winfield (AA), 15-0; Levi Brake, Nicholas County (AA), fall Jessica Holyfield, Robert C Byrd (AA), 2:50; Ty Logston, Oak Glen (AA), fall Timmy Williams, Buffalo (A), 3:45; ; 113
Lane Flint, East Fairmont (AA), fall Talon Johnson, Nicholas County (AA), 1:32; Cole Cheuvront, Wirt County (A), fall Preston Peck, South Harrison (A), 1:41; Liam Lusher, Independence (AA), fall Beau Bearden, North Marion (AA), 3:31; Brantley Guckert, Williamstown (A), fall Ethan McLean, Philip Barbour (AA), 3:25; George Smith, Point Pleasant (AA), dec. Ethan Ash, Roane County (AA), 7-0; Shawn Moore, Oak Glen (AA), dec. Seth Buckland, Shady Spring (AA), 3-2 OT; Keith Skaggs, Grafton (AA), fall Hunter Whittington, Sissonville (AA), 4:15; Justin Stover, Herbert Hoover (AA), fall Tyler Staggs, Keyser (AA), 1:02; ; Weight: 120; Cole Laya, East Fairmont (AA), fall Anthony Columbo, South Harrison (A), 2:54; Chase Stover, Herbert Hoover (AA) tech. fall Blake Sheppard, Buffalo (A), 20-4; Dylan Dennison, Braxton County (AA), fall Roman Baird, Madonna (A), 1:40; Sam Buckland, Shady Spring (AA), fall Caleb Lane, Point Pleasant (AA), 5:18; Sean Dawson, Independence (AA), fall Trevor Hunt, Wahama (A), 1:25; Peyton Hall, Oak Glen (AA), fall Devin Barnes, Liberty Harrison (AA), 1:02; Wyatt Powell, Wirt County (A), dec. Kyle Barker, Nicholas County (AA), 4-2 OT; Kevin Brewer, Fairmont Senior (AA), dec. Zaiah Blackwell, Roane County (AA), 7-6; ; 126
Caleb Rea, Weir (AA) tech. fall Josh Frye, Williamstown (A), 16-0; Gage Vincent, Braxton County (AA), maj. dec. Dawson Vincent, Oak Hill (AA), 15-5; Ethan Swick, Petersburg (AA), maj. dec. Logan Southall, Point Pleasant (AA), 11-3; David Williams, Grafton (AA), dec. Dylan Basham, Liberty Raleigh (AA), 7-6; Jacob Spencer, Roane County (AA), fall Dan Nutter, Greenbrier West (A), 1:21; Brock Whorton, East Fairmont (AA), fall Colton Whipkey, Wirt County (A), 1:05; Tanner Harris, Independence (AA) tech. fall Daymon Reynolds, Lincoln (AA), 15-0; Riley Nice, Magnolia (A), maj. dec. Clay Tanner, Ravenswood (A), 13-5; ; 132
Corey Secrist, Petersburg (AA), fall Korbin White, Webster County (A), 1:39; Allen Metheney, Calhoun County (A), fall David Rhodes, Roane County (AA), :59; Hunter Taylor, Independence (AA), dec. Zach Davis, Berkely Springs (AA), 5-2; Austin Gibson, Bridgeport (AA), dec. Colton Clark, Ravenswood (A), 4-2; Jamie Ward, Winfield (AA), fall Tanner George, Philip Barbour (AA), 1:23; Alec Cook, Madonna (A) tech. fall Tristan Swafford, Fayetteville (A), 16-1; Gavin Triplett, Braxton County (AA), fall Tyler Messinger, Lincoln County (AA), 3:07; Bryant Dixon, Keyser (AA), dec. Trevor Edenfield, Greenbrier West (A), 8-4; ; 138
Robert Bozek, Oak Glen (AA), fall Bryce Stearns, Liberty Harrison (AA), 0:45; Nathan McClaugherty, Independence (AA), dec. Zac Samson, Winfield (AA), 10-5; Hunter Mitchell, Lewis County (AA) tech. fall Vince Pulice, Madonna (A), 16-0; Malik Cox, Greenbrier West (A), dec. Casch Somerville, Williamstown (A), 4-10; Gamon Trigg, Bluefield (AA), fall Jacob Tanner, Ravenswood (A), 0:20; Austin Pumphrey, Frankfort (AA), dec. David Murphy, Philip Barbour (AA), 3-1; Jacob Bryant, Point Pleasant (AA), fall Isaac Blake, Richwood (A), 4:15; Jake Whiting, Roane County (AA), maj. dec. Tyler Mason, Keyser (AA), 12-0; ; 145
Davy Mundey, Berkely Springs (AA), fall Jake Roub, Point Pleasant (AA), 1:41; Colten Hovermale, Lincoln (AA), dec. Aaron Clark, Liberty Raleigh (AA), 6-1; Hunter Moore, Wirt County (A), dec. Quinton Thomas, Fairmont Senior (AA), 3-2; John Parks, Greenbrier West (A), dec. Jacob Miklos, Clay County (AA), 9-2; Bailey Alderman, Richwood (A), dec. Dillon Williams, Grafton (AA), 5-4; Daynon Foster, East Fairmont (AA), fall Bryce Breeden, Winfield (AA), 2:42; Connor Gibson, Independence (AA), fall Logan Allen, Philip Barbour (AA), 1:53; Dalton Wilt, Keyser (AA), fall Ethan Herdman, Wahama (A), 1:16; ; 152
Caleb Kuhn, North Marion (AA), dec. Trent Pullens, Fayetteville (A), 6-1; Jay Hall, Winfield (AA), dec. David Hogsed, South Harrison (A), 4-3; Haegan Harvey, Independence (AA), dec. Tristan Fox, Keyser (AA), 7-1; Deacon Stearns, Liberty Harrison (AA), fall Noah Garrett, Wirt County (A), 4:43; Austin Wamsley, Point Pleasant (AA), fall Caleb Crabtree, Lincoln (AA), 3:30; Phil Good, Madonna (A), maj. dec. Austin Buckland, Midland Trail (A), 12-3; Joel Cruickshanks, Clay County (AA), maj. dec. Brady Powell, Wahama (A), 10-0; Chase Patterson, Greenbrier West (A), dec. Dimarrian Thomas, East Fairmont (AA), 5-0; ; 160
Kyle Elliott, North Marion (AA), dec. Alex Odom, Liberty Harrison (AA), 15-10; Cameron Crislip, Nicholas County (AA), dec. Aaron Life, Wirt County (A), 4-2; Michael Starcher, Cameron (A), dec. Jordan Williams, Braxton County (AA), 3-2; Vincent Devaney, Nitro (AA), fall Ryan Young, Shady Spring (AA), 3:56; Nathan Warden, Independence (AA), fall Caleb Marcum, Buffalo (A), 4:30; Shayden Daugherty, Keyser (AA), dec. Brandon Nicholson, Robert C Byrd (AA), 10-3; Colton Kessler, Greenbrier West (A), dec. Seth Moore, Calhoun County (A), 5-4; Cooper Hineman, Bridgeport (AA), fall Wyatt Strum, Oak Glen (AA), 1:32; ; 170
Jackson Moomau, Petersburg (AA) tech. fall Chance Dixon, Winfield (AA), 16-0; Eric Workman, Liberty Raleigh (AA), dec. Elias Stamm, South Harrison (A), 10-8; Joe Powell, Wirt County (A), dec. Rhett Heston, Fairmont Senior (AA), 21-15; Colten Rollyson, Herbert Hoover (AA), dec. Elijah Hensley, Notre Dame (A), 12-6; Levi Jarvis, Braxton County (AA), fall Colton Dorsey, Greenbrier West (A), 0:48; Dylsn Kincell, East Fairmont (AA), fall Conner Ritchie, Calhoun County (A), 1:15; Adam Daniels, Independence (AA), fall Clinton Mayle, Grafton (AA), 1:47; Stevie Cool, Oak Glen (AA), dec. Corey Smith, Mingo Central (AA), 6-0; ; 182
Alec Burgess, Petersburg (AA), fall Logan Ballengee, Pikeview (AA), 1:23; Alex Hale, Winfield (AA), fall Ryan LaAsmar, Notre Dame (A), 1:05; Jacob Hart, Independence (AA), fall Garrett Morris, Berkely Springs (AA), 1:01; Daniel Browning, Logan (AA), dec. Quin Meador, Braxton County (AA), 5-4 /OT; Grant Safford, Point Pleasant (AA), fall Gibson Barnard, Lincoln (AA), 0:37; Jeremy Smith, St Marys (A), dec. Daylin Toms, Shady Spring (AA), 6-2; Blake Belcher, Clay County (AA), fall Luke Myers, Williamstown (A), 0:49; Andrew Lewis, North Marion (AA), fall Logan Foley, Greenbrier West (A), 2:42; ; 195
Caleb Nice, Magnolia (A), fall Jesse Gunter, Braxton County (AA), 0:44; Gavin Shamblin, Sissonville (AA), dec. Lucas Kessler, Greenbrier West (A), 10-3; Austin Conaway, North Marion (AA), fall Kavaughn Summers, South Harrison (A), 5:17; Andrew Roach, Point Pleasant (AA), dec. Trevor Hawkins, Midland Trail (A), 5-0; Trey Gunnoe, Independence (AA), dec. Antonio Serevicz, Wahama (A), 6-4; Hunter Anderson, Doddridge County (A), fall Jake Abbott, Fairmont Senior (AA), 0:20 OT; Paul Frampton, Nitro (AA) won by forfeit over Scratch, No School; Ryan Stewart, Clay County (AA), fall Doug Morral, Petersburg (AA), 5:00; ; 220
Jordan Hartman, Petersburg (AA), fall Jacob Scraggs, Lincoln County (AA), 1:24; Trevor Brown, Greenbrier West (A), dec. Jaden Marino, Robert C Byrd (AA), 3-2; Mike Burns, Wirt County (A), fall Ryan Ekey, Madonna (A), 2:50; Christian Lively, Oak Hill (AA), dec. Javon Almadovor, Liberty Harrison (AA), 10-3; Garrett Burnside, Roane County (AA) won by forfeit over Scratch, No School; Scott Ledbetter, Berkely Springs (AA), fall Juan Marquez, Point Pleasant (AA), 0:58; Noah Adams, Independence (AA), fall Seth Pumphrey, South Harrison (A), 0:26; Bryce Mefford, Williamstown (A), dec. Austin Stahl, North Marion (AA), 9-4; ; 285
Zach Frazier, Fairmont Senior (AA), fall Bowdy Boyce, Independence (AA), 1:56; Kolten Jones, Liberty Harrison (AA), fall Brian Gillispie, Point Pleasant (AA), 5:26; Peyton Carey, Herbert Hoover (AA), fall Charles Barta, North Marion (AA), 1:49; Justin Hudnall, Braxton County (AA), fall Marty Watts, Winfield (AA), 1:04; Austin Cook, Sissonville (AA), fall Ryan Metzgar, Lewis County (AA), 2:26; Matthew Stewart, Keyser (AA), fall Levi Lesher, Midland Trail (A), 5:10; Garrett Ware, Grafton (AA), fall Cody Riley, Buffalo (A), 0:16; Cory Chipps, Tyler Consolidated (A), dec. Trey White, Pikeview (AA), 7-1; ; .

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