Ye Olde Alpha Server Receives Generous Tip


One of the servers at Ye Olde Alpha on Edgington Lane received a huge reward for her hard work Wednesday night.It started out as normal day for Alicia Torrance. 

She was working her shift when a man walked in with his girlfriend. They placed an order that totaled about thirty dollars. 

After the couple finished their meal, they were about to pay their check when the man made an unusual request.

“He told me he was having a bad day because his grandfather had passed away,” said Torrance. “He asked me for a pen before I had requested a payment. He told me to check on my other customers and come back because he had to have me there when he wrote the tip out.”

When Torrance did check back, the customer asked a question, which she wasn’t really sure how to answer. 

“He covered up the thirty dollars on the tip,” said Torrance. “He asked me what my time was worth. I told him I couldn’t answer. I didn’t want to tell him how much to tip me.”

She introduced him to some regular customers that were sitting close by. They told him a $100 tip would be nice. 

“My regulars told him I was worth one hundred dollars,” said Torrance. “He ask me if that was right, and I said no. Then he opened his hand and it had a times 8. He said one hundred times eight, that’s eight hundred dollars. That’s your tip for waiting on us. Thank you.” 

Torrance said she was absolutely overwhelmed for that incredible act of generosity. 

“I was shaking and I thought about crying,” said Torrance. “I asked his girlfriend if I could give him a hug, and she said absolutely.” 

It was also good news for her co-workers.  “I did buy everyone on the crew a shot after work,” said Torrance.

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