Adam Feick

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Ball State University, Adam Feick joined WTRF in May 2022 as the weekend meteorologist. In September, Adam took over as WTRF’s Morning Meteorologist.  

Adam is from Southwestern Pennsylvania, growing up in northern Allegheny County. His love for the weather was rooted from a young age, when he would crawl into bed with his parents every time it stormed. All throughout grade school, Adam loved watching Discovery Channels Storm Chasers, The Weather Channel, and Pittsburgh’s News Stations. He began to read book after book trying to learn more about weather so he could stop storms from happening and help protect people’s lives. In middle school, Adam started sending emails to family and friends giving them personal weather forecasts, as well as informing Teachers and classmates on the changing weather.  He even tutored his fellow classmates in 8th grade, when taking Physical Science that had a unit on the weather. He also helped his mom teacher her Physical Science class every time the weather unit came up. 

In College Adam started storm chasing, where he came face to face with a half mile wide tornado and winds almost at 200 mph! That scared some sense into him. Adam would stop storm chasing and would pick up hobbies like telling the weather on WCRD Radio in Muncie Indiana, forecasting for the Cardinal Weather Service at Ball State University, and would appear on Facebook lives for NewsLink Indiana once a week at 9pm for their live show. 

When not on TV or forecasting, Adam enjoys visiting family and friends, watching and attending Pittsburgh Sports, fishing, hiking, and having game nights. 

Adam is excited to be Forecasting and working close to home, while helping keep the Ohio Valley safe and weather ready!  

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