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Foxconn has revealed two more vehicles for Foxtron, a fledgling electric-vehicle brand launched a year ago by the Taiwanese contract manufacturing giant during its annual Hon Hai Tech Day.

The two vehicles are the Model V pickup truck and Model B crossover SUV. The company revealed the prototype vehicles on Tuesday at this year’s Hon Hai Tech Day, where it also showed the production version of the Model C crossover that was previously shown as a prototype. The Model C is confirmed to go on sale in Taiwan in 2023 under one of the brands of local automaker Yulon, possibly Luxgen.

The Model V is a mid-size pickup truck destined to be built in Taiwan. Foxconn was light on details but said the pickup, which features a dual-cab design, will come with multiple sensors to help navigate complicated worksites or narrow streets. Foxconn also confirmed a payload of up to 2,200 lb and a towing capacity of up to 6,614 lb.

The Model B is a compact crossover with a C-pillar design that looks like it was borrowed from the Volkswagen ID.3 compact hatch sold overseas. It features a number of aerodynamic details in the design that help it achieve a relatively low drag coefficient of 0.26. Foxconn said the Model B has a range of more than 250 miles on a charge.

Foxtron Model BFoxtron Model B

Underpinning the vehicles is Foxconn’s own modular EV platform, the MIH, which was first announced in 2020 and is available to other companies looking for a quick solution for developing their own EVs. Foxconn at the Hon Hai Tech Day said it has developed an operating system, HHEV.OS, which it plans to integrate with the MIH platform.

The MIH platform also underpins a Model E sedan, which was shown last year together with the Model C and a Model T bus. Timing and market availability for the additional vehicles haven’t been announced.

Foxtron Model CFoxtron Model C

In addition to the EVs from Foxconn’s own Foxtron brand, Foxconn plans to build EVs under contract. Several of these will be built at the former GM plant in Ohio, which was acquired by Foxconn last year from EV startup Lordstown. Foxconn will use the plant to build the Endurance pickup for Lordstown, a vehicle code-named Project PEAR for Fisker, and a tractor for electric farm equipment company Monarch.

Foxconn earlier in October also announced it will build prototypes for the One compact sedan from EV startup Indi at the Ohio plant. Should Indi find success with the One’s development, Foxconn said it is also open to building the car for sale under contract.

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