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A new Honda concept car previews the styling for future Honda EVs in China.

Unveiled at the Fifth China International Import Expo, the Honda e:N2 concept previews future models in Honda’s Chinese-market e:N line, which launched earlier this year with the e:NS1 and e:NP1 crossovers. Honda plans to launch 10 e:N models by 2027.

Honda e:NS1Honda e:NS1

The e:N2 concept features styling that’s a bit more imaginative than the first e:N production models. It’s a sedan with sharply creased lines blending into minimalist lighting elements. Honda’s press release also mentioned “a clean and uncluttered digital cockpit.”

It’s quite a different design from the Honda Prologue, due to be be fully shown later this year as Honda’s first mass-market EV for the United States. And it shows some of the clean simplicity of the Honda e that the brand decided not to bring to the U.S.

Honda e:NP1Honda e:NP1

The concept is based on a dedicated EV architecture called e:N Architecture F that’s specific to the e:N models. Honda didn’t say when a production version might appear, though, or how it would be manufactured or distributed. The e:NS1 is the product of a manufacturing and sales joint venture with Chinese automaker Dongfeng, while the e:NP1 is produced and sold through a similar joint venture with GAC.

Honda, meanwhile, has said that it will provide manufacturing for the upcoming Sony-Honda EVs in Ohio. In addition to its own EV platform, Honda is working with GM to develop the foundation for millions of affordable EVs that will arrive by 2027. We’re curious to see whether all these different projects around the globe can find some design harmony.

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