WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Nearly 100 kids attended a massive back to school party at Tunnel Green today.

The event was hosted and organized by the Wheeling organization Men of Change.

Men of Change is an organization of men who want to help meet the needs of the people in the Friendly City and Ohio Valley.

This is the Men of Change’s 2nd annual Back to School Block Party.

Fun party giveaways such as school supplies, back packs, and t-shirts were offered to the kids at the event.

We don’t want there to be a kid in Ohio County Schools or even in the Valley in general that goes under- or unserved. Anything we can do to help the process…we love it. Especially partnering up with someone like Ohio County Schools, we love to be able to really serve this community and all the members of it.

Ron Scott, Men of Change officer

Other activities offered at the event included Health Screening and voter registration.