SHADYSIDE, Ohio (WTRF) – Monday was the big day for students at several schools across the Ohio Valley.

It was the first day for kids in the Shadyside School District, Bellaire City Schools, St. John Academy and Tyler and Wetzel County Schools in West Virginia.

Students, staff and faculty at Shadyside said they are thrilled for the start of the new school year.

A number of new classes and new teachers have been added, and the excitement level is sky-high.

Lot of excitement here at Shadyside for the first day of school. We have a bunch of new classes, a bunch of new teachers. We are getting our students back in and everybody is excited we are just excited to get get kids back in the building. We are having a good time.

John Poilek, Principal, Shadyside High School

Shadyside will be offering some new media and science classes for students this year.