Wheeling, WV (WTRF)-If you still need to stock up on school supplies but could use a helping hand, listen up!

It’s another year of Bethlehem Apostolic Temple’s “Stuff the Bus”.

They’ve collected all kinds of school supplies from the community, book bags, notebooks, pens, pencils, and things like that, all just time for the big giveaway.

Next week they’re giving away free school supplies to anyone who needs it. It’s all on a first come, first serve basis. Just make sure you bring your kids with you and they won’t turn you away.

“You don’t have anything to be ashamed of to be in need. I’ve been in need. I’ve been in that line, but you have everything to be ashamed of if you’re in need and you refuse to come. We want to help you. We did all of this, so we could help you. To anyone who is in need, to anyone who maybe is employed but underemployed, meaning they just don’t have enough to get the extra stuff, come. Let us help you. We care about you. We want to show the love of God to you. Please come, and let us do something special for you.”

Rev. Darrell Cummings, Bethlehem Apostolic Temple 

Rev. Darrell Cummings is very thankful to all those who helped donate today.

But if you’d like to swing by and pick up free school supplies, the big giveaway isn’t until Saturday the 21st. Just stop by the North Wheeling Community Dream Center around 10 am.

If you’d like to donate some school supplies or even make a monetary donation, just go to NorthWheelingYouthCenter.org.