$800.00 – That’s what families spend, on average, each back-to-school season. 

During the holiday, August 5 through August 8 in West Virginia, certain back-to-school items are exempt from sales tax, such as clothing, school supplies, school instructional materials, electronics, and sports equipment. 

It’s a weekend that brings people from all over out to shop, and Evelyn Madden says that even though she lives in Pennsylvania, she takes advantage of coming down to shop in West Virginia for the tax lift on other items besides clothing. 

“You know, when I go shopping in Pennsylvania and it’s tax free on clothes all the time, I’m always just thrilled to see a few dollars come off of my bill and that definitely helps when you’re buying for children to go back to school.”

Evelyn Madden – Pittsburgh, PA

The Sales tax Holiday can save families more than just a few dollars. 

Mother of three, Donna Falvo, says that with three teenage boys, keeping up with the trends for the new school year can be tough and they usually have to limit themselves to two outfits each. 

She and her family also travelled in from Pennsylvania to make the most of their back-to-school shopping. 

“Well, instead of two or three outfits, maybe I can do four today. So, that’s extremely significant for us. We really appreciate it.”

Donna Falvo – Washington, PA

In Ohio, the last day of the tax-free holiday is August 7, and in West Virginia it is August 8.