OHIO & MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va (WTRF) – Thousands of students across the Ohio Valley are grabbing their back packs to head to school this week.

Teachers welcomed them into classrooms Tuesday throughout Marshall and Ohio Counties.

So how was the first day? Who better to ask than the students themselves?

Smiles and laughter filled the halls of Wheeling Park and John Marshall High Schools Tuesday as students were reunited with friends and got to know their teachers.

Wheeling Park Principal Meredith Dailer says everyone at the school loves the first day of classes.

“As always, I’m just excited for our kids to have an opportunity to experience all of the amazing programs we have at Wheeling Park. We have great facilities. We have so many courses that they can take advantage of. It’s just fun to see where that all takes them.”

Meredith Dailer | Principal, WPHS

Superintendent, Dr. Kim Miller, is also excited for the new academic year and visited all 13 schools in Ohio County.

“If parents or community members have questions, certainly do not hesitate to ask. We push a lot of information out on our social media pieces and Twitter for our kids and Facebook and Instagram. And we certainly want parents to know that we would love their input and we want to work together to do what’s best for their kids.”

Dr. Kim Miller | Superintendent, Ohio County Schools

Two Wheeling Park students in particular have been looking forward to the first day, because it marks the start of Senior year!

“I’m super excited for senior year because there’s a lot of privileges with just being a senior. Like, for example, this year we have senior parking spots. We get to paint. So, I’m really excited because we work really hard in student council to get those. So, it’s really exciting to see that come to life for the first time at park.”

Lucy Aderholt | Senior, WPHS

“I’m excited because you know, almost at the end goal, graduation. There’s a lot of fun things to do your senior year. Like I’m looking forward to baseball, football games, basketball games and soccer games.”

Tino Nardone | Senior, WPHS

And in Marshall County, a familiar face returned to John Marshall High School as the head principal.

“It is the first day of school for all of Marshall County. It’s the first day of me back at John Marshall. I’ve been gone for a couple of years and I’m excited to be back here. Things seem to be running smoothly for the first day.”

Jason Marling | Principal, JMHS

“I’m excited to meet new people and meet all of my new teachers.”

Cain Martin | Sophomore, JMHS

Mr. Marling says there are a lot of new hires this year, and the first day of high school can sometimes be hectic.

Junior student Wrya Pratt seems to agree. She says that while her first day was a good one, it was a little nerve wracking.

“My schedule is a little messed up, so it’s like I’m either going to the same teachers or completely different teachers I’ve never seen before.”

Wrya Pratt | Junior, JMHS

And it’s not just classes that have everyone excited, it’s also other school activities.

For Wrya, she’s ready for cheer season, and to welcome the new freshman to her team.

From everyone here at WTRF, we wish every student and teacher the best moving forward this school year.