BRIDGEPORT, Ohio (WTRF) – Those first day jitters and excitement could be found in the hallways and classrooms of the Bridgeport School District.

On Thursday they welcomed back just more than 800 students in grades Pre-K through 12.

School officials explained there is no official mask mandate in the district, leaving it up to students and their families. However, they said strict cleaning protocols are in place.

Overall they felt the first day went smooth and both students and teachers are trilled to be back.

It’s a great day. It’s great to have what is most important back and that is our students. We do a lot to prepare through the summer. It’s great to see them back in school, with masks and without masks. It’s just great to have them back here as part of our family.

Brent Ripley, Superintendent, Bridgeport School District

The children coming back into the building were very excited, telling me they couldn’t wait to be back. They missed me, they missed the teachers, showing off their new clothes, their new shoes. It was just wonderful. It was an amazing morning.

Kamy Sabinski, Principal, Bridgeport Elementary School

One of the most anticipated events of the new school year will take place next week.

That will be the first football game played at their new stadium, which will be the first game payed on their home field in three years.