Beallsville, OH (WTRF)- Dedication in the off season from several players is one reason coach Lucas is excited about where the Blue Devils program is going.

The kids are what make it happen because of their attitude and the work ethic is what’s going to change everything

Rusty Lucas- Beallsville Blue Devils Head Coach

Lucas says strength coach Tim Trip has helped several players improve from last year.

Especially along the line with junior Dyson Duval at center , sophomores Gage Perkins and Nathan Pletcher at guard and fellow sophomore Brandon Comstock and senior Garrett Shaffer at tackle and freshman Garrett Perkins at tight end.

In the backfield, they return senior Wyatt Moore at tailback and junior Bradley Moats at fullback.

While at receiver they return talented 6″3″ junior Brandon Loudon.

With senior Jacob Stevens and Adam Govea also at split end. At quarterback the have senior Kyon Faulkenstein who transferred in from the Cleveland area.

Coach Lucas likes his teams athleticism.

Some coaches will obviously just say that to say it, but I really feel that we have some athletes out there we do and were going to surprise some people with what the final product is we put on the field. We have some kids that can make some plays out there.

Rusty Lucas- Beallsville Blue Devils Head Coach

Defensively the Devils plan to use the 50 set more this year , with the line being the key Duval and Garrett Perkins at the ends , Comstock and Shaffer the tackles and Gage Perkins the nose.

Moats and Moore are the linebackers Loudon and Faulkenstein the corners and Stevens and Govea the safeties. Coach Lucas says a defenses mentality is built on the practice field.

The kind of no-nonsense no excuse practices executing every play, tacking and coming with that great team attitude

Rusty Lucas- Beallsville Blue Devils Head Coach

The Blue Devils open the season on the 29th against Miller.