He’s no stranger to the police force, but now he carries a new title with his badge.

Ken Anderson is more than just the Steubenville Police Chief.

He has a passion for this job and the community he’s served for almost 30-years.

Let’s Go Behind the Badge with Chief Ken Anderson as he shares what made him take the courageous path of law enforcement.

Ken Anderson is a 29-year veteran on the Steubenville Police Department.

Just over a month ago he was sworn in as their new Chief.

He says his parents set the example of hard work for him and his siblings.

His father worked for the Village of Mingo and his Mother was a nurse for 60 years.

“So we knew early on that you should take pride in your work that there’s honor in serving other people, so I think that really kind of directing me into public service.”

Chief Ken Anderson – Behind the Badge

Anderson grew up in Mingo Junction, went to Catholic Central, got his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Bowling Green State University and two years later he was hired on as patrolman with Steubenville PD.

After meeting his wife Anderson says he knew he was going to make his career in Steubenville.

“Worked as hard as I could come up through the ranks and take it vantage of any assignment or promotion I got and just try to do the best job that I could do.”

Chief Ken Anderson – Steubenville Police Department

Since he was hired in 1993 he did exactly what his parents taught him to do, he worked hard, and, continuously and started climbing the ranks.

In ’97 he was still a patrolman but was transferred to the identification unit where he worked along side the detectives.

“That’s before computers so we had filing cabinets and we had to maintain arrest records, had to fingerprint prisoners, mugshots but I was also the crime scene photographer, so I got to work with detectives a lot and I enjoyed that aspect of it.”

Chief Ken Anderson – Behind the Badge

In 2002 he was promoted to Seargent and worked on patrol a year, then went to the Internal Affairs Division for two years.

Anderson went on to spend four years in the Juvenile Division, until being promoted to Captain in 2009.

2015 he became the Administrative Captain, which is where he remained until he was promoted to Chief!

Anderson helped modernize the Steubenville Police Department.

There were upgrades to computer software, body cameras, expanded their crime camera network, new radios, online crash reporting, and a drone program.

“A lot of advances with the computer software so officers could do basic reports in the cruisers from their MDTs, their laptops in the cars which kept them in there are areas longer, improve response time.”

Chief Ken Anderson – Steubenville Police Department

Chief Anderson says he’s made long last friendships in and out of the police department and he wouldn’t be in this position without the support of his wife and three sons.

“To have the love and support of your family it means the world to any police officer. You know it’s a difficult job. I look up to these young officers who are willing to come forward now and dedicate their life to law enforcement because it’s different now than it was in 29 years ago when I got on.”

Chief Ken Anderson – Behind the Badge

Chief Anderson says it’s his honor and privilidge to serve the Steubenville community and he’s going to do the best job he can.

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