These colder temperatures caused some chaos in Bellaire.

Since yesterday morning, crews have been trying to fix and maintain water line breaks throughout the village.

The main water line break was at 41st and Harrison Street which led to distruption across the North End of the village.

Some are still having issues on a section of Trumbull Street. Mayor Edward Marling says if it wasn’t for their crews, many would still be without water.

“We have no control over when you get the cold is this was these lines pop, they’re old lines so we just were at work the mercy of the man upstairs. They got in, they got it done, they worked into the dark, got it fixed, got the people back in. I give them all the kudos. Those boys, they come out, two of them was on vacation, they come out they did the job.”

Mayor Edward Marling – Village of Bellaire

Mayor Marling says they are getting to Trumbull Street first thing Tuesday morning.