BELLAIRE, Oh.-(WTRF) Bellaire’s full-time police officers will receive the pay raise they’ve been anxiously awaiting.

The eight full-time Bellaire police officers will get three more dollars an hour.

The officers will see this increase immediately.

On Thursday night, before making the announcement, councilmembers went into a closed door session.

Council approved the pay raise at their December 30th meeting, but up until now no one knew if the full-time officers were actually going to see the pay raise.

There had been talk over the last few weeks about whether Bellaire could find the funding for the three dollar an hour increase.

Following the lengthy closed door session , council said that officers will see that pay raise.

Bellaire Police Chief Dick Flanagan responded to the wage increase means to him and to his officers.

“We are happy that we’re finally getting our pay raise. It’s going to have a lot to do with morale, guys being motivated and it’ll be nice to work with in a place where your employers respect you and understand your problems.”

Chief Dick Flanagan, Bellaire Police Department

The three dollar an hour increase for the eight officers will cost Bellaire approximately $100,000 each year.

There was discussion about the police officers receiving retroactive pay all the way back from August of last year.

But council says the pay raise will be applied retroactively, instead going back to January first of this year.