Recently, customers from 24th Street to the north village limits were without water for most of the day.

Those customers were supposed to be notified.

But for many, it came as a surprise.

It turns out, 1200 customers didn’t get the message.

They were not pleased with the water department.

But the water department says it’s the county’s Code Red system that gets the word out.

They say the system may not have those people’s current contact information on file.

“We tried to let everybody know,” said Mike Watkins, water plant operator. “And we heard a bunch of complaints that the Code Red system didn’t work. But it could be that people don’t know about it and they’re not signing up. And a lot of people don’t have land lines any more. People just aren’t getting the calls.”

He said if you didn’t get notified, you probably need to log on to Belmont County 9-1-1, and click on Code Red.

You can choose different ways to get notifications—by phone, email or text.

And bear in mind, the water department does not do the calling.

The automated Code Red system does.

But you have to sign up.

It also sends other alerts like weather emergencies and missing children notifications.