BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — A new and innovative program at one local school is helping students develop skills necessary in today’s ever-changing world of technology.

It’s a student-led project where kids use their own creativity and teamwork in a number of different ways.

7News reporter Dan Mayeres visited Bellaire Elementary to meet an impressive group of kids who are building something special and having a great time doing it.

Creation Space is a student-led production team made up of fourth graders who take on a number of projects in their spare time.

The project, which is in its first year, was the idea of Principle Ben Doyle. He says there are over forty kids signed up for the program, and the enthusiasm is encouraging.

“Some students have even decided ‘Hey, can we meet at recess? And we get some projects done there.’ When I pass some of the students in the hall they are always throwing ideas at me. So the excitement is really there.”

Ben Doyle | Principal, Bellaire Elementary

The Creation Space involves everything from website design and graphic design to video editing, photography, and copywriting.

Students were split into several teams, where they decided on the project name using an AI program to design the logo.

They recently launched their website, which is run entirely by the students. They are responsible for writing articles and taking photos, along with other responsibilities.

“We have specialist and most of the time when we have computers, the whole class when you are in the production club you come and meet up in the library and Mr. Doyle comes and talks to us and we share ideas.”

Jackson Quirk | Creation Space Team Member

“I actually wrote an article on our website, so I learned about it and it’s pretty fun.”

Teagan Miller | Creation Space Team Member

All website articles are approved by the school’s English teacher, and videos are edited by the student’s production team members, who have also built their own set and designed the backdrop with the help of the school’s art department.

They are currently interviewing staff and community members for an upcoming show.

“I like designing the logos and writing the articles in Creation Space.”

Lauren Tatmam | Creation Space Team Member

” What I like about Creation Space is that we get to work with our friends and we get to edit stuff and do interviews.”

Henry Doyle | Creation Space Team Member

“In the world we live in and the constant changing of technology and being able to manipulate that technology, that is hirable. So getting them started at a young age is really important.”

Ben Doyle | Principal, Bellaire Elementary

The Creation Space has several other projects planned throughout the school year.