“Original Recipe.”

Everyone from Colonel Sanders to Coca Cola has learned the importance of that concept.

And now, Around The World Gourmet in Bellaire has also taken it to heart.

When they moved into the former Frizzi’s Market, they continued making the market’s beloved pepperoni rolls. Owner Jennifer Kocher eventually changed the recipe a bit. Out-of-town customers liked it. But local customers were quite vocal about preferring the original recipe!

“What I’ve found, and this is coming up on our five years, I can’t believe we’ve been here five years at the beginning of December, we’re excited to announce that we’re going back to the original pepperoni roll that was here at Frizzi’s Market. And I know that the town’s gonna love that.”

Jennifer Kocher
Owner, Around The World Gourmet

Around The World Gourmet is located at 112 Second Avenue, Bellaire.

They also kept the traditional deli counter and bakery items that made Frizzi’s Market a staple in the community for many years.

The original pepperoni rolls will return–to stay–December 1st.