BELLAIRE, Ohio (WTRF) — There will soon be some gaps in the current landscape of Bellaire.

AEP has purchased seven houses between 34th and 36th streets to tear down, making way for a new power substation.

Several of the houses were dilapidated and uninhabited, and the rest were purchased by the power company.

Mayor Ed Marling says improving the infrastructure will be an advantage to everyone in the community.

“It lets the power company run their new cable from the north end of town up over the hill back down into the new substation that they’re constructing,” said Mayor Marling. “It’ll cut the effects of lost power like we had there last winter, that they’ll be able to change the grid pattern there a little bit to help from the loss of power.”

The mayor said the effects of last year’s winter storm were “pretty bad for an entire week.”

He noted that this project has had to pause briefly because asbestos was found in one of the houses.

He said that the house will have to be demolished according to specific standards, with the debris taken to an approved landfill.

He said the new substation will tie into others at Neffs, Hawthorne Hill, and Dilles Bottom.