BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) The dogs and puppies seized on May 25 from a single-wide mobile home are recovering, both physically and emotionally.

BCARL Director of Operations Howard Goldman recently visited the secure facility where they were taken by the ASPCA, and he said the change is remarkable.

They went from being ill and frantic in one dark room of their owner’s home to being relaxed and recovering from many ailments. 

Goldman said 15 of those dogs had eye problems, and they are being treated by a board certified ophthalmologist.

He said the mothers and pups are in a separate wing where they are not bothered by the other dogs.

Meanwhile after initial news coverage of the rescue, BCARL has gotten many calls from area residents, wanting to adopt one of them.

He says BCARL is compiling a list of potential adopters, and he urges anyone with an interest to email their name, address and phone number to or to call (740) 782-9712.

Currently, the animals are in the care of the ASPCA in an emergency shelter at an undisclosed location in Ohio. 

The owner has surrendered ownership of all the dogs, but he may still face criminal charges.