BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) Jadyn Lucas, the adult of the two Barnesville hazing suspects, is sentenced to ten days in jail.

Barnesville father speaks out about football team hazing case

The maximum possible penalty for the crime was 30 days.

The Oct. 2 incident was a high school football team hazing in which a freshman player was strapped to a pole while others revved the engine of a truck as if planning to hit him, then made to face a crossbow aimed at him and finally was loaded into the back of a pickup truck and driven around at high speeds with sharp turns.

The victim’s father spoke in court before the sentencing.

“I about lost my son that night,” he said. “Their foot could have slipped off the gas pedal. That crossbow could have been loaded. And this seems to all be swept under the rug.”

Jadyn Lucas’ attorney described his client as “a big boy, a gentle giant, without a mean bone in his body.”
He said Jadyn admitted his part in the incident to the school superintendent and suffered the maximum school punishment—an 80-day expulsion in his senior year.

He said Jadyn immediately enrolled in online education and got a job with the Village of Barnesville.
Jadyn Lucas spoke, saying he was sorry.

Western Division Court Judge Eric Costine sentenced Lucas to 10 days of incarceration, suspending the other possible 20 days.

Because the defense said that Jadyn starts a new job tomorrow with U.S. Bridge, Judge Costine said he can “submit a plan for his incarceration.”

His new job will involve working six days a week, earning $15 an hour, with only Sundays off.

A Barnesville woman, Amy Chance, approached 7News after the sentencing, describing what she saw that night in the parking lot as she was waiting to pick up her daughter, a band member.

Chance said her view was obscured for most of the incident, but she did see the boys force the victim into the bed of the pickup truck.

She said he was clearly struggling, and kicking at the tailgate to try to get free.

The second defendant in the case is a juvenile, and has not yet been dealt with.