BARNESVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – This weekend marks the 59th Annual Barnesville Pumpkin Festival, where pumpkins large and small, and people from near and far came to kickoff fall in Ohio.    

The festival has officially begun with their opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies happening to let everyone in to enjoy the pumpkin snacks, decorations, and most importantly the king pumpkin. 

This year’s winner is Bill Neptune from New Concord, Ohio with his pumpkin weighing nearly one ton at 1,950 pounds. 

This whole weekend of events ties together the Belmont County Chamber of Commerce’s mission of ‘eat, shop, support local Barnesville.’ 

”When I look at the success that tonight brings, it is because of the hard work, the passion and the dedication of really a community of volunteers that are so dedicated to bringing everybody to Barnesville to have good old-fashioned fun.”

John Rataiczak – Voice of the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival

The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival runs until Sunday, September 23rd