BCARL–the Belmont County Animal Rescue League–is in the process of adopting out the last animals in their care.

Officials say after Aug. 12, their facility will no longer be staffed, so they are hoping to find homes for the 15 cats, 16 kittens, 26 rabbits and one large dog by then.

The dog, a three-year-old female blue Mastiff named Baylor, is still gaining weight.

She was emaciated at 56 pounds when BCARL took custody of her; she’s now 75 pounds and still recovering.

Jess Jacob, BCARL volunteer, says people still must fill out an application, be approved and pay an adoption fee.

The adoption fee for Baylor is $150, and for the cats and kittens it’s $50, (also $50 for a pair–it’s a BOGO sale to encourage people to adopt two) and that includes their spay/neuter. 

The rabbits are free to a good home.

Jacob says BCARL will no longer have animals in their custody or have humane agents who respond to abuse, neglect or injury calls.

“BCARL will still exist as an organization,” she said. “We will no longer take in animals or do humane cases. We may do something with helping spay and neuter animals, which is desperately needed in this area.”

Anyone interested in adopting an animal is urged to call their office at (740) 782-9712, go to their website at BCARL.net or email their adoption coordinator at Allie.BCARL@gmail.com.

The iconic Sunset Motel sign at the front of the property on Rt. 40 near Morristown has already been sold and removed.