Bellaire is installing new electronic water meters. The installers are going to each house, and they need to go inside because the old meters are in the basements.

The problem is…people aren’t answering the doors or letting them in.

Mayor Ed Marling says he’s out of patience.

The mayor says either open your door, or they’re going to shut your water shut off.

“I’m gonna be nice for the holiday. I’m gonna let ’em have their water from now ’til Tuesday. But starting Tuesday, water will be shut off if you don’t answer your door.”

Bellaire Mayor Ed Marling

Or, at least follow the directions in the letter they hang on your doorknob called a doorknocker.

They say they know people are home.

“They’ll go a couple houses up and they’ll see an arm come out and take the doorknocker. You’ll hear ’em holler for their dogs to shut up.”

Bellaire Mayor Ed Marling

They may just be fearful of scammers.

“Every one of them’s got a tag on ’em. They’ve got the name of the company and a photo of ’em. And you’ll see their truck. It’s got Fort Steuben Maintenance on it.”

Bellaire Mayor Ed Marling

The mayor says it won’t cost a cent, and it will only take a few minutes. He says whether they rent or own, it’s imperative that they let the installers in.

“We’re not playin’ games no more. The job’s gonna be done. So come Tuesday, it’s all over with. If you don’t have no water to take a bath or make your morning coffee, the only thing I’m gonna tell you is, go down to Kroger’s and buy you a couple gallon to help you out.”

Bellaire Mayor Ed Marling

He says 30 households are on the list to have their water shut off Tuesday.

He says the new electronic meters will automatically send a signal to the water department, and won’t require anyone to come around and read the meter.

He says the new meters will be able to detect a water leak within five to fifteen seconds, and will immediately notify the resident and the village.

He says it’s paid for by a grant, and it also involves switching out all the old lead pipes for health and safety reasons.

He says it’s a win-win situation, and people just need to open their doors and let the installers in.