BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) Right now, the Belmont County Animal Shelter is filled to capacity with cats and kittens. 

They say there’s temporarily no room at the inn.

So they ask people, instead of dropping off kittens, to call first, get on the waiting list, and they’ll call you back when space is available.

They say many people who put off getting vet treatment for their pets bring them to the shelter when things have gotten critical. 

Belmont County Dog Warden, Lisa Williams says, “A lot of people can’t afford the medical needs of their dogs. And some people do, you know they’ll reach out. And we try to prioritize in terms of something like that. We’ve had homeless people, you know they need a place for their animals. They’ll sign ’em over because they love them. And they have nowhere to keep ’em. Just the way of the world right now is not good for the animals. Everybody just needs to pitch in and do what they can do for them.”

You can contact the Belmont County Animal Shelter from the number on your screen.

They say they’ve incurred some major vet bills for animals whose ailments have not been treated.

They remind us there’s never been a better time to adopt a homeless pet.