BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – The Belmont County CARES program started last November.

And due to high call volume and critical need, they’ve added a second person.

The program, operated by Cumberland Trail Fire District, has now signed an agreement with the Belmont, Harrison & Monroe Mental Health & Recovery Board.

They say often a person in crisis, for instance suicidal or homicidal or hallucinating, is picked up by police or in an e-squad. They often end up in the emergency room or jail, and those often aren’t the right places for them.

“That’s not ideal as those individuals may not have a medical need or there are better resources available than tying up our emergency resources. Definitely have a need that needs to be met, just likely that it can be in a different way.”

Jamie Betts, Belmont County CARES Director

“So we still do everything we have in the past including full risk assessments in home, helping people do any doctors’ appointments, making sure they have any services they may not know about.”

Chad Zambori, Belmont County CARES Coordinator

Belmont County CARES has moved to a new location, sharing space with the Community Improvement Corporation on Woodrow Avenue in St. Clairsville.

One of their goals is to reduce calls to 911 and get people connected with the agency or help they need.

You can reach them at (740) 827-0004.