MORRISTOWN, Ohio (WTRF) — With a job so time-consuming and difficult, you might not think a doctor would have time for large-scale volunteer work.

But Dr. Shaun Roe would prove you wrong.

The Ohio Hospital Association has nominated the Morristown physician for Healthcare Worker of the Year.

But that’s far from his only role.

He’s also Union Local school board member, football team physician, baseball coach and 5K sponsor.

Dr. Roe feels that those who choose the career have to demonstrate leadership.

“I’m from Salesville, I’m from this area, I’m from the Ohio Valley, and I’m really proud of that. And we have a lot of really excellent things. So anything that you can do to improve your community, you should get in there and get involved with it. That’s the name of the game.”

Dr. Shaun Roe, Family Physician and Medical Director, Morristown Clinic

His patients at Morristown Family Medicine range in age from two months to 102 years old.

He’ll be a representative of the Ohio Valley at an award banquet next month.