Flu season is here.

The Belmont County Health Department has been seeing cases for several weeks.

They have flu vaccine, both high dose and regular, and they take walk-ins as well as appointments.

Speaking of vaccines, many area school students still need their immunizations. And it’s easier than ever. Instead of taking time out to take your child to the doctor, if you live in Belmont County you can just sign the consent form that comes home in their book bag, and they can get their shots in school.

“A lot of times, maybe you might not see the consent because maybe the kids are, it’s still in their book bag. Nobody wants to bring home a consent to get a vaccination as a child! So if you’re unsure whether I’ll be at your school, just give your school nurse a call or email. I am coming there in September and October, doing school age vaccinations in your schools.”

Christine Jenewein, Belmont County Immunization Nurse

And Christine Jenewein who we just heard–has received special recognition by the Ohio Department of Health. She is the number one advocate–in fact the only one so far–recognized for establishing vaccination programs in schools.

Immunizations are strongly recommended by the Ohio Department of Health for stopping preventable diseases like measles.