BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — An inmate at the Belmont County Jail has died of a drug overdose and two others were treated and have recovered.

One female jail employee who may have been exposed to the drug was also treated as a precautionary measure.

Sheriff Dave Lucas feels certain the drug was smuggled in by a prisoner being booked into the jail, possibly hidden in a body cavity.

He says the jail uses a body scanner on every incoming prisoner, but the images are not always clear.

” We’re going to do everything possible to prove, to try to prove, who brought it in, who passed it around. And this will all be reviewed by our prosecutor, and if we can get enough evidence, they will be charged. And you’re lookin’ at a death now, so it’s not just a minor misdemeanor. This can be some serious charges.”

Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas

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