BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF)–Once a building is left vacant, it can stand untouched for decades with nothing left but nature swallowing it whole.  

Three dilapidated buildings in Bridgeport are being torn down after years of neglect. 

 A nearby neighbor says he’s been waiting years for somebody to take control of the property. 

Officials say this is just one example, but buildings like this stand all over the county, tarnishing the beauty of the town.  

Mike Bianconi, Peace township trustee says this would not be possible without the help of Belmont County Land Bank and the country treasure, Kathy Kelich. 

The laws aren’t written for us as a Township trustee or cities and villages to go and clean these up as much as everybody thinks they would be. If it was easy, we’d would have it done.

If it wasn’t for her prior to her taking over the land bank, we were getting nothing done in Belmont County. I myself have attended meetings for probably 3 1/2 years on this just these structures it takes a long time.

Mike Bianconi, Peace township trustee, Belmont County  

This specific house they have starting on Tuesday, has been empty and sitting abandoned for about 25-years.

Once everything is removed, he says the plan is to put recycling boxes on the land for the community to utilize.