BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — The Belmont County man who allegedly made threats on Snapchat about harming an elected official in Belmont County was in court Tuesday.

Frank Yopa’s attorney said his client is doing well and attending his court-ordered counseling sessions.

He said Yopa is staying at his grandmother’s house, where there are no firearms.

But he’d like to visit his mother, although family members do have firearms there.

They asked for the judge’s guidance.

Judge Eric Costine said, “That’s a no brainer. If his family members want him to visit, they should voluntarily remove the firearms from the household.”

“So that they can do that in good faith, knowing that the court has issued orders, OK? That’s my feelings, that this should be, I shouldn’t need to be asked. And I think that they need to make sure that there are no firearms, based upon my final order.”

Judge Eric Costine | Belmont County Western Division Court

Yopa was arrested June 6th at his home in Tiltonsville, where officers found numerous A-R style weapons, body armor and gas masks.

Guns and items found by law enforcement allegedly at Yopa’s home

Atttorneys indicated there are ongoing plea agreements in the case.

Yopa is ordered to return to Western Division Court August 22nd.