Winter is just around the corner and experts are predicting lots of snow for our area.

The good news is the ODOT crews in Belmont County will be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

They held their winter readiness event Thursday. That involves a 150-point inspection of all of their trucks. It includes everything from snow plows to salt spreaders and from windshield wipers to fluid checks.

ODOT officials say they will be ready for that first snowfall whenever it hits. 

“Our crews are always ready for winter. We have very experienced drivers out here ready to take on Mother Nature. Of course, we never know what that’s going to be whether we are battling snow or ice or both. There is no true game plan when it comes to snow and ice. However, we do know how to react and what to do to adjust our operations to react to whatever Mother Nature is throwing at us,” said Lauren Borell, ODOT Public Information Officer, Post 11.

“The inspection went well. We have some repairs to make. But without this inspection, we wouldn’t be as prepared as we are for the first storm Mother Nature may bring our way,” said Dave Schafer, Transportation Administrator, ODOT, Belmont County.

They also have an above average salt supply on hand to go along with 23 plow trucks to battle the conditions this winter.