Eugene Blake, a triple murderer, is asking for parole.

Belmont County Prosecutor Kevin Flanagan wrote to the Ohio Parole Board, in no uncertain terms, urging them not to ever set Blake free.

Blake murdered a Wayne County, West Virginia, woman in 1967, after deliberately forcing her car off the road.

He was sentenced to life without mercy, but got the sentence changed to life with mercy, then was freed on parole.

He went on to kill two other people, both in the Ohio Valley—13-year-old Hope Helmbright of Wheeling and in a separate incident, Mark Withers of Bridgeport.

He also raped Withers’ date.

Prosecutor Kevin Flanagan said in the letter that granting Blake parole from prison in West Virginia was an epic mistake, and that if he got out of the penitentiary in Ohio, Blake would kill again.

“He is the epitome of evil, as indicated in our letter,” said Joe Vavra, assistant Belmont County prosecutor. “He has no redeeming qualities. He is beyond the hope of any reformation in our opinion. And for those reasons, he is not worthy of the chance of parole, worthy of the chance to live in society again.”

The parole board heard Blake’s case in late May.

They received the prosecutor’s letter before the hearing.

You can read the letter below.

A ruling is expected soon.