UPDATE: The St. Clairsville- Richland School District has released a statement following the recommendation from the NAACP to fire one of their principals.

The District continuously works to create an inclusive culture. The District has made clear that it does not condone the use of racial slurs. Regrettably, the information provided by the NAACP contains mischaracterizations and does not reflect the forward-looking dialogue between the two parties. Notably, after the incident, the District scheduled and completed cultural sensitivity training for all of its staff. Similarly, the District has planned student assemblies and other meaningful ways for students to discuss issues related to inclusion. The District will continue to reflect on this teachable moment and focus its efforts on ensuring that the community understands, learns, and grows moving forward.

St. Clairsville- Richland School District

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – The Belmont County NAACP is recommending that St. Clairsville High School fire its principal.

Belmont County NAACP President Jerry Moore Jr. told 7News through a press release that they met with St. Clairsville’s Superintendent and legal counsel about an incident that happened in September.

Ohio principal allegedly used “Hard R” in viral post

An audio recording posted to social media allegedly captured St. Clairsville Principal Justin Sleutz using a racial slur in a room with others.

Moore described the word at the time as the word that kids call “the hard R”.

According to a press release just sent to 7News, the Belmont County NAACP made several recommendations to the school district including:

  • Termination of Principal Sleutz
  • Changing St. Clairsville policy
  • Changing discipline procedures
  • Extensive Cultural Diversity Equality and Inclusion training for the entire district, including the student body, by NAACP approved agents

This is still a developing story, so stay with 7News for updates.